Soft Material machining

    Attard Engineering is experienced soft material machining experts with experience and knowledge in every aspect of CNC machining, which includes:

    • Cutting technology
    • Control systems and programming
    • In-line quality assurance and automation

    We specialize in the following types of Soft Material machining:

    Acetal machining

    Acetal is also commonly referred to as POM (Polyoxymethylene). It is an engineering plastic. Acetal is one of the stiffest and strongest thermoplastics available

    There are two kinds of Acetal resins:

    Acetal Homopolymer: generally used in industries which are highly regulated

    • Is stiffer
    • Has a larger temperature range of -40°C to 120°C
    • Has good shock resistance and compressive strength
    • Has a lower thermal expansion rate

    Acetal Copolymer: softer than Acetal homopolymers. Have a lower friction coefficient.

    absorbs barely any moisture

    • Has high rigidity and mechanical strength
    • Has good shock resistance
    • When dealing with high pH solutions it has better chemical resistance

    Nylon machining

    Nylon is often referred to as polyamides. It is part of the synthetic polymer family.

    Nylon has:

    • Great abrasion resistance
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Good wear

    Nylon is often used to replace metal bushings and bearings. By doing so, it reduces the need for any external lubrication.

    Other benefits of nylon include:

    • Reduction in part weight
    • Decreased wear on mating parts
    • Less operating noise

    Nylon is used in applications such as rollers, wheels, food processing machinery components, seals and gaskets, gears, and wear pads & components.

    Plastic machining

    Attard Engineering specialism in high-performance plastics. We use various materials in round rods, sheets, tubes, and more.

    CNC machining equipment for plastic machining includes mills, saws, routers, and lathes.

    Machines specialist in large parts and components, and can carry out:

    • Milling
    • Grinding
    • Punching
    • Turning
    • Tooling
    • Drilling
    • Sanding
    • Welding
    • Forming

    Whether you require fusing of complex components, customized parts, or finishing and polishing services, we are able to help.