Mazak Variaxis j-500/5X

    As a leader in providing machining services to Adelaide businesses for over 30 years, thriving SA-based company Attard Engineering is excited about landing the latest addition to their stable, a new simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining centre.

    The manufacturer Mazak explains on their website that the Variaxis j-500/5X vertical machining centre is a “high-value solution for those considering simultaneous 5-axis technology for the first time”.

    Impressively it includes a high-precision rotary/tilt table, plus processes from raw material input through to final machining extremely efficiently. By reducing the need for multiple setups, the Variaxis j-500/5X can significantly reduce turnaround while at the same time improving accuracy. The process of 5-axis CNC machining (otherwise known as 3D machining or 5-axis milling) involves the traditional use of axes X, Y and Z but incorporates the added axes A and B, allowing the working of parts from five angles simultaneously.

    With the world-leading latest in 5-axis machining innovation, Attard Engineering will be simply and easily providing solutions to parts and shapes that were not previously possible.

    Being committed to providing a professional, efficient and cost effective service that supplies quality products “on time”, Attard Engineering has taken their CNC machining service to a whole new level.

    CNC Machining

    Attard provides CNC machining services with 4th axis horizontal mills and various other CNC machine centres. From CNC milling and lathe/turning work.

    AttardInc’s CNC machining is a viable option for everything from prototypes to low-volume production.

    One of the many benefits PDS’s CNC machining services is their ability to use spec material with production-quality tolerances. Once the parts are complete, PDS saves the programming and fixturing for future jobs.

    This makes repeat orders easy and allows them to start low-volume production jobs quickly.

    They offer many materials these include:

    • Aluminum
    • Metal
    • Copper
    • Nylon
    • Steel
    • Acetal
    • Polycarbonate
    • Plastic
    • Acrylic
    • Brass
    • Teflon
    • Bronze
    • Titanium
    • PVC
    • Stainless Steel


    CNC Turning

    We offer an extensive Heavy and Small CNC Bar Feed Turning Capacity that makes us to produce high quality components with tough materials including stainless steel and aluminum.

    Our bespoke CNC turning facilities provides you a cost-effective way to make parts that are symmetrical about an axis of revolution.

    We can meet all your CNC machining requests ranging from large or small batches and protypes and we specialize in the machining and turning of very large component sizes, to small bar feed multi axis parts.

    Our CNC Turning component sizes:

    • Turning from .060 to 6 diameter
    • Precision tolerances to .0002
    • Live tooling/sub-spindle reduces job costs
    • Machineable, plastics and ceramics
    • Programmed with mastercam@3d Version 8.0
    • Electronic files accepted in all formats

    Cost optimization options for CNC turning include:

    • Reducing complexity
    • Minimizing the amount of material removed
    • Avoiding difficult shapes such as very long thin structures.

    Our CNC Turning Capability:

    • CNC latches
    • Batch Production
    • CNC Turning
    • Vertical Borers
    • Prismatic parts
    • Turned Parts
    • Fapturn
    • Large Diameter VTL’s
    • Live Tooling
    • Multi Axis CNC Bar Feed Lathes
    • High Volume Batch Lathe Work

    CNC Milling

    Our grinding service provides entire sub-contract precision grinding services. This includes surface finishing, cylindrical (between centres), centreless, internal, rotary, surface and tool and cutter grinding in all materials.We are a pure customer driven company and customer satisfaction is the top most priority.

    Our flexible production methods allow us to quote for jobs ranging from a one-off prototype component to small, large or very large batches of production grinding.This makes repeat orders easy and allows them to start low-volume production jobs quickly.

    We regularly grind components to tolerances within microns and with high quality surface finishes. To compliment our grinding we also offer lapping, polishing, honing, burnishing, super finishing and thread rolling facilities.

    Our CNC Milling Services:

    • Centreless
    • Cylindrical grinding
    • Internal grinding
    • Surface grinding
    • Tool and cutter grinding
    • Universal grinding

    We aim to offer one stop surface finishing and precision grinding services for all your components. For precision grinding services and surface finishing, Grinding Services’ attention to detail is our main selling point – eloquently expressed by our company’s name.

    Metal Fabrication

    Choice of the right mill is a major thing to get the correct surface metal fabrication on any material. With our extensive range of grinding service on various materials like aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, resin bonded, ceramic bonded, to suit virtually any material.

    We are technologically very advanced and utilizing microfinisher that produces exact surface fabrication.

    Our Metal Fabrication Services:

    • Lapping
    • Polishing grinding
    • Burnishing
    • Knurling
    • Thread rolling
    • Precision grinding


    Mazak CNC lathe working