Machining service incorporated with metal fabrication and assembling

    At Attard Engineering, we are a leader in providing machining service which incorporates metal fabrication and assembling.

    We provide complex sheet metal fabrications to meet the most demanding standards and challenging size and precision requirements. We produce large machined parts with extremely high attention to detail and offer prototyping options.

    Cutting is a crucial part of every metal fabrication project. We take care of each part, assembly, component, and fabrication to precision.

    We cover shearing, punching, sawing, and laser and plasma cutting which is why we offer a whole production service.

    • The cutting process is guided by many factors such as the intended application, material used, and specific cutting scenarios to match your fabrication’s design.
    • Attard engineering uses cutting edge state-of-the-art technology which includes shearing, sawing and laser and plasma cutting to deliver on your precision needs and quality – for even the most complex tasks
    • Our CNC machinery is designed to minimize crap, shorten lead times, and reduce additional tooling needs

    General Uses:

    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Production
    • Prototypes

    Fabrication Capabilities:

    • Punching
    • Shearing
    • Forming
    • Laser Cutting
    • Drilling
    • Machining
    • Assembly
    • Welding

    Fabrication/Assembling To Final Products

    Attard engineering can take your product from fabrication/assembling through to a final product as a whole production service.

    Our services include:

    • System integration
    • The range of product sizes
    • In-Flow Programming and Test
    • Configured to order
    • Quick new product introduction

    Mechanical Design

    We also provide offers from mechanical design, which include:

    • Manufacturing drawings
    • Bill of materials
    • 3D Solid modeling of parts
    • Assemblies for manufacturing
    • Finite Element Analysis

    CNC Machining Welding

    Using CNC Machining in welding almost eliminates any problems which happen by human error. CNC machining uses sensors to measure actions. This makes sure that each weld is done at the right strength and the correct temperature. This process lets your fabrications be completed with a high level of accuracy and precision.