Lights Out for Better Productivity

    Workplace productivity can be improved with our machining equipment. Many of the shops that use our machines have started running their machines at night, after the employees have all gone home. These machines are designed to complete jobs automatically, without the need for human oversight or intervention.

    Running lights out is an efficient way for business both large and small to run. They can produce products very quickly to meet customer demands. They can be working on products overnight and ensure that the merchandise is ready for the customer the following day. It also saves on labour costs, as the companies don’t need to pay as many people to be working to complete the order and produce merchandise. The labour savings are incredible for those businesses that choose to run lights out. Employees don’t need to be paid for the overnight work, and the company can save some money.

    Going lights out is also advantageous for those businesses who want to run their jobs for a long time and not use up precious manned hours during the daytime. They can save the jobs that require lots of manual maintenance for the day when they will have personnel on hand to monitor production. As employees wait for jobs during the day to be completed, they can be setting up the night time production processes. For those jobs where the production equipment must be running for a long time and will not need oversight, it simply makes sense to run lights out. This ensures that employees don’t have to waste precious time just watching a machine do its job for hours on end.

    If you would like to begin operating lights out at your business, then you want to make sure you have machines that are operating like they are supposed you. You can perform practice runs for your lights out procedures while the employees are present to ensure that everything goes smoothly. All the machines used for this process should be cleaned and made sharp so that they can be as effective as possible. You will also want to make certain that the right program is loaded and ready to go and that the reservoir has coolant. Essentially make certain that everything the operators would do if they were present is already taken care of and accounted for.

    If you are planning to go lights out, then the best machines we offer for that method of operation are our multifunction lathes, grinders, machining centres and two- and four-axis lathes.