How to Operate Our Machines Safely

    Our machines, no matter how large or small they might be, are machines, when all is said and done. They have some sharp edges that could hurt people if they aren’t used in the right manner. If you are unaware of proper operating procedures for our machines, you could be injured, and we don’t want that to happen. You should know the right way to use all our machines.

    There are numerous safety precautions you should be taking when you are using any type of machinery. Make sure you wear protective glasses, first of all. It’s also important to wear hearing protection, and these simple measures can mean that you are less likely to sustain injury of any kind.

    You also want to ensure that you are cleaning up after yourself when you are finished using one of our machines. In both home and workshop use, cleaning up scraps from the machines and floor is important. Someone could slip and fall if they step on a scrap or slide on some sawdust. Be sure to clean up when you are done to avoid accidents like that.

    The bit is incredibly dangerous and you want to keep some distance between it and yourself whenever possible. Keeping six inches away gives you room to work but ensures that you don’t get injured accidentally.

    You also want to stay in the room while the machine is in operation. There may be an issue with the machine that you need to address, and you won’t know about any such issues unless you are present.