How Our Machines and Sheet Metal Work Together

    Our machines are ideal for those times when you are trying to make a sheet metal project of some kind or develop a prototype. You can keep the project in house with one of our machines, holding those trade secrets close to your vest and creating a minimal footprint. You can conserve precious space this way.

    The software for our machines comes in very handy when you are trying to work with sheet metal. When purchasing a machine from us, you also receive software that will work with most router machines, lathes and mills. It is compatible with most Windows programs and can be used on a touch screen and with a USB connection.

    You don’t even need CAM software to generate a file with our wizard. It is compatible with a variety of other files that would normally work with CAD-CAM software, such as SurfCAM, SmartCAM and MasterCAM.

    For those who would like to do manual sheet metal work, our equipment is designed to make it easy to transition over to software-based machining. We combine all the advantages of using lathes and manual mills to create the best sheet metal machines on the market. A lot of people who started out with manual controls have been able to learn how to use our machines very quickly.

    It is incredibly easy to work with sheet metal using our software, and we would be happy to connect you with customers who have had positive experiences working with our software-based machines.

    Our line-up of machines will help you as you create computer parts, car parts or just develop a new invention of your own making. You can make your ideas into realities with our equipment.