5-axis machining

    Impressively it includes a high-precision rotary/tilt table, plus processes from raw material input through to final machining extremely efficiently

    CNC Machining

    Attard provides CNC machining services with 4th axis horizontal mills.

    CNC Turning

    We offer an extensive Heavy and Small CNC Bar Feed Turning Capacity.

    CNC Milling

    Our multi-axis milling machine center capable for both sample and complex job.

    Metal Fabrication

    We provide welding, joining and assembling service to reach your final products need.

    who we are

    Attard Engineering offers over 30 years experience in the CNC machining sector, incorporating milling, turning and complete manufacture of machine parts.

    CNC Machining






    Quality Control

    Attard provides straight CNC machining services with 4th axis horizontal mills and various other CNC technologies. From milling and lathe work to grinding. Attard Inc’s CNC machining is a viable option for everything from prototypes to low-volume production.

    One of the many benefits PDS’s CNC machining services is their ability to use spec material with production-quality tolerances. Once the parts are complete, PDS saves the programming and fixturing for future jobs. This makes repeat orders easy and allows them to start low-volume production jobs quickly. They offer many materials including plastics and metals.


    Cost Effective

    Rapid Response

    Rapid Prototyping

    Quality Control

    latest news

    As a CNC Machining shop since 1980s, nothing can be more exciting than welcoming the arrival of a new machine. Now, we just installed a brand new Okuma CNC lathe L3000-eMY serial, which means we have enhanced our capability to turn bigger and longer parts. It’s a great addition for the manufacture service we are offering.
    Incorporating with advanced living tool system and Y-Axis function, CNC turning, boring, drilling and other milling processes have been integrated in one operation. For instance, to do a shaft machining, it can mill the pocket and cut the key way in one go. If you struggle to source new or replace the damaged shaft in existing equipment, we can perform reverse engineering
    to manufacture required parts accurately and efficiently through our new machine.
    We can manufacture using various material ranging from conventional carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or copper, aluminium or bronze, titanium, plastics, graphite and ceramic. Its suitable components machining includes:
    • Cylinder or coupling machining
    • Shaft machining
    • Flange machining
    • Ferrule machining
    • Small or large pipe fitting machining
    • Drilling, tapping or Knurling
    • Other specified parts

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    Aluminium Machining

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